I created this course because when I was a young mom I was tired of the daily question “What’s for dinner?”

I was tired of feeling stressed out, wasting money at the grocery store because I didn’t have a plan, & eating the same old meals day in and day out.

I created this simple system that I have been using for years which saves me time and money and ensures that my family eats a variety of meals.

I meal plan in under 15 minutes each week and I know that if you implement this system in your own life you can too! I notice a common trend among my clients.

Often, they know the Trim Healthy Mama plan but they struggle with implementing it or finding an easy meal planning solution. I wanted a platform where anyone could go to learn this system that has worked so well for me for years. 

My hope for you is that you take the aspects of this course that most resonate with you and apply them to your life so you will not only experience food freedom with Trim Healthy Mama, but so you will also experience meal planning freedom!


Module 1 - Streamlining Your System

Simplifying your weekly meal planning into less than 15 minutes each week.

Module 2 : Master Grocery List

Get my master grocery list which I use each week to save time and money at the store!

Module 3 : Meal Prep In a Hurry

Streamline your weekly process to help you get weeknight dinners on the table in a flash!

Module 4 : Picky Eaters

No matter the meal time restrictions, we have strategies to accommodate even your pickiest eaters without feeling like a short order chef!

Molly Miller

My personal road to wellness has grown into a passion for helping others. I’ve studied various dietary theories with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I’ve tried my fair share of programs. My hands-down favorite is Trim Healthy Mama because it delivers results and keeps me satisfied without depriving me of foods I love or requiring me to count calories, macros, or points. So I became a certified THM Lifestyle Coach to help other woman discover the joys of food freedom.

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