Client Success Stories

My experience with Molly as a THM coach has been nothing but positive and motivating. She’s warm, easy to talk to, and very responsive. The accountability is huge. I find myself saying, ‘What would Molly say about this!’ (ha ha ?) Molly is definitely an expert.

My mindset has changed about food & nutrition. Our personal sessions always teach me something new about myself or the plan. I’ve learned about my triggers and how it makes me approach food. I loved reading the book Made to Crave. I’m thankful Molly recommended it. I have learned ways to fine tune the plan to get the best results.

I am almost half way to my goal weight. I have lost 10 lbs in a month! Before when I would see a sugary or junk food option, my mental mindset would be, ‘It’s no big deal, it’s just one cookie.’ Now my mental mindset is, ‘Why would I sacrifice my goals for a cookie?! THM always has a substitute that tastes so much better!’

I would absolutely recommend individual coaching to a friend. I think it is the best way to be held accountable, and it’s also encouraging. I think it should be a must when you’re just starting the plan.

Tabitha F.

I praise God that I found and chose group coaching. The support, fun interactions, feedback, ideas, incentives, and info are just what I needed.  Molly has been helpful in walking alongside us as we get more familiar with the THM plan. The group coaching has been helpful as we all connect on our personal FB page, cheering one another on, encouraging one another to get back on board when we make mistakes, sharing recipes, or talking out everyday issues. We’ve all become teammates! Molly personally gives feedback on our food logs, and she provides a weekly FB Live video with more info regarding the THM plan, often doing a demo of a recipe for us. I tried to do THM solo; however, it didn’t all seem to click with me until I started the group coaching in January. Since then I’ve lost 11 lbs, 3 1/2 inches in my waist, and overall I’m more lean in my upper torso. Mentally, I was able to visualize myself on a journey in my health and weight loss goals. I have ‘found’ motivation, vision, and energy!  It has become a way to live rather than a temporary thing.

Karen G.

 My journey with being over weight started in my mother’s womb I think! Lol! It’s been such a difficult journey most of my life. I’ve tried numerous diets over the years, losing about 150 pounds, but it was the same 10 pounds up and down!! :). It wasn’t until I found Molly that I understood the THM program and figured out the “why” I have this food addiction all of my life!! She helped me discover how to transfer my food addiction to love for Jesus, instead of food through a book called “Made to Crave” which changed my life! Molly has been my life line, coach and encourager, trying everything she could think of when I had week after week of what I thought was failure. Only to realize several months later that I was making huge strides although the scale did not reflect it. I have now lost over 11 lbs and I’m still going!! My head space is now in a different space, and the “light bulb” went on! I started to shift my focus, plan ahead, let go of food and surrender to the Holy Spirit in this area of my life!! You see I’m a pastor, and have helped so many people free but I could not let go of this area in my life, until I met my amazing friend and coach Molly! She has been an “angel” sent from heaven!! I’m on this journey for life and I know now with the help of Molly and Jesus, I will reach my goals. Thank you Molly for believing in me and not giving up one when I already did!!! You are the best!

Connie D.

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