I’ve been following THM for over 6 years now & pre-THM I used to be a chronic dieter. Weight Watchers was my favorite but I was ALWAYS hungry! Once I found THM, learned the program, & saw results I became a THMer for life!! I loved how I felt & I fell in love with the food freedom & ease of the program. I polled some of my fellow coaches & my mom ( who is a good sport & has been following THM for almost as long as me) about why they think THM is fun. So here are 12 reasons why THM is fun from 12 different perspectives!

“I love the variety of foods I get to eat, that no food groups are out, & that I can either find a healthy substitute for my favorite “junk foods” or create one myself. Do I feel like nachos tonight? Sure! I’ll use mini bell peppers as the base or pork rinds. What about pizza? I can definitely have that! Hamburgers? Bunless all the way- you get the taste you love without the clash of the carbs & the fats. You get the idea! I love to experiment in the kitchen, especially with on-plan treats! Some of my favorites are no bakes, kit kats, peppermint ice cream, & turtle cheesecake. The fun part is that there is absolutely no deprivation & the community is positive & uplifting which is priceless!” -Coach Molly Miller 

“For me…it’s the obvious one…the food!!! So much variety, the encouragement to try new things. It all leads to a brand new experience for your taste buds! I love experimenting..& sharing about it….creating food that others enjoy makes me SO happy!!!” -Coach Pauline Whittaker

“In a word: dessert!” -Coach Sharon Scheiber 

“I love that with THM you don’t have to “suffer” your way to trim and healthy, but you get to “eat” your way to trim and healthy!! And the eating is delicious” -Coach Linda Johnson

“In over a decade, it is the first way of eating that didn’t leave me in pain all the time.” -Coach Lisa D’Orazio 

” I love the health side of it all. I feel great feeding my family healthy meals and teaching them what to eat … because I grew up with Wonder Bread. ? I love trying new recipes and am obsessed with cookbooks. And lately, I’ve started creating my own recipes which is a blast! ” -Coach Lisa Piazza

“I can eat cake for breakfast ;-)” -Coach Heather Richmond

“I feel like it’s health simplified and everything makes sense. It doesn’t conflict or not add up.” -Coach Shauna Marie Morgan 

“One of the most fun things is doing THM with the HUGE support and encouragement that is available (FB group, friends, bloggers). People inspire me! ” – Coach Elizabeth Dutton Apperson

“The friendships!!! And of course ice cream” ? ❤️- Coach Becky Yoder 

“Because I can have my cake and eat it too!” – Coach Sarah Truitt

“Not having to weigh foods, count points or ever feel hungry. Trying new recipes that actually taste good. Learning about new & interesting products. Eating yummy things & losing weight. Not living in guilt if you go off..in 3 hours you’re right back on. Losing 25 lbs. & maintaining my healthy weight for 6 years. And doing THM with my daughter & coach & sharing my excitement with others ? – Jo Speidel aka Mom 🙂

So what about you? To you, what is the most fun part about THM?

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