“Silencio Bruno!” If you have kids or grand-kids, maybe you’ve seen the new animated movie “Luca”. You should see it if you haven’t, it’s darling ? One of the friends tells the other to silence the negative voice in his head that causes self-doubt by saying “Silencio Bruno!”

I’ve been loving THM for over 8 years now and I’ve always been able to manage my weight, lose fairly quickly after pregnancies & do it while enjoying my food and not feeling restricted. 2 years ago, I didn’t change anything but I started gaining weight. No matter what I did, I could not get the extra weight off.
Over the years, I’ve had to learn to silence the negative voice in my head & through doing THM I became better and better at it. However 2 years ago my negative voice came back with a vengeance! It wasn’t as bad as pre-THM but it scared me.

I decided I had 2 choices. I could either stay miserable and do nothing about it, continuing to resent my stubborn body or I could figure it out. Long story short (ish) I went to an endocrinologist who basically told me I was crazy, that my TSH was in the normal range and sent me on my way with an appetite suppressant! I then went to a naturopath who tested my Free T-3 (a much better indicator of how your thyroid is functioning). He said it was in the “normal range” but at the very bottom of the range. He also said I had low progesterone, Vitamin D, & iron levels. No wonder I was exhausted & couldn’t lose weight!!

This past January I finally got on the right meds & I dropped 16 lbs in a just a few months after being stalled for 2 years! You can imagine my relief!! I am sleeping so much better (thank you progesterone), can keep up with my 5 kiddos and I just overall feel better!!

We are so blessed to have the knowledge of THM! It is the most healing program out there, but sometimes we need a little more help and that’s ok!!

It’s also important to acknowledge that what may have worked in the past doesn’t work anymore. In my early THM years I could eat heavy S meals with no issue, now they don’t serve me. My body craves E meals, light S meals & less dairy and gluten. I save heavy S meals for once in awhile & special occasions.

So to any of you out there who may feel stuck, who may feel like you are doing everything right but your body is rebelling, take time to figure things out. Change things up. Get some help. Get your hormones checked (this is such a common issue!) You’re worth it!!

And if the negative, self-demeaning voice shows up say “Silencio!” (I now say Silencio Berta LOL) Silence that voice, replace the negative with the positive – affirmations are a great help for this ? God wants us to be happy. God wants us to treat our bodies like a temple, to be patient with our changing seasons, & to love ourselves to goal & beyond.

This is my transformation this year. The boat pic is in Lake Tahoe this past week that my hubby took. He hashtagged it #boatbeautylegsfordays ? What a keeper! I’m not at goal quite yet, but I’m well on my way!

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